Hey, I'm Syreeta Levy and this is my business. 

Born and bred in Croydon and trained in a Turkish barbershop in South London, a great experience, that was the perfect boot camp for starting Levy & Co. 

My beloved business - comes from a very personal place. The sudden loss of my brother who was 32 when he passed, was my biggest prompt. Our last conversation with each other was about me opening this business. 

That moment in the hospital when he told me that he was going to die, he thought about me, he made me promise to take the leap and open my own business and now I have. He's the Co. in Levy &  Co. 

I feel blessed that in his time of need he forgot himself and thought about me. Opening Levy & Co. - having my brother's bike on the wall - is a honour of a man who is still with me giving me guidance and whom I truly loved. I hope you'll love what I've done for you, it comes from my heart. 


At Levy & Co, we believe in inclusivity and acceptance for all. We stand in solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community and welcome everyone with open arms. 🌈❤️


Step inside Levy & Co. call time out. Relax, fill your glass, listen to the chat, have your chat heard, get inspired. 

Oh, and have a..... 

Great Haircut

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As featured in Stylist Magazine

Completely unbelieve!!!!

Levy & Co. had the hounour of a two page spread in the October issue of Sylist Magazine for a monthly series they are doing called "women on a mission".

Im truly honoured to respresent women on such a large platform, to be a postive voice for the LGBT community who often find going to a barbers imtimidating, for the female barbers out there and to respresent diversity.

In the shop you will find a copy, I do hope you enjoy reading the article.



- About us -

Syreeta (The Boss)

Drawn to barbering from an early age. Intrigued by the way guys would go into her local barbershop scruffy and come out looking like new men, she set out to find someone to train her in the mysterious arts of barbering. It all began with a Turkish barbershop in South London - an invaluable experience - before eventually making her way to the City, the West End and now here in Kensal Rise. She still loves barbering, getting to meet new people every day and always learning new things, but most of all being the one that gets to turn guys into new men! 

Sofia - (Master Barber)

With over 10 years experience as a Barber, Sofia has joined Levy & Co. As a Master Barber and simply enjoys cutting hair and mastering her craft.

She enjoys, Scissor cuts, working on all lengths of hair and textures along with skin fades and beard work.

Sofia has worked at Doc Barnet in Westfield Shopping Centre, Barber Barber in the city and surpringly at the USA NATO base in Germany and many more independent business in London and we are excited about her joining our team.

So come on fellas get booking :)

Mr Fluffy

Mr Fluffy has been working at Levy & Co. for over 2 years, he joined as a young pup and now fully grown he still has the same requirements..... Treats, Strokes, Cuddles and more TREATS!

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